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Yoga Course by the Global institute of Veidc Science.

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Teacher Manoj Sharma

Yoga is a mental, spiritual and physical practice that helps one attain inner peace. In today’s hectic world, more and more people are becoming health conscious. In recent years Yoga has gained immense popularity not only in India but also abroad.

Yoga not only relaxes an individual but also keeps the human body fit. Apart from physical fitness, yoga is also beneficial for reducing respiratory disorders, hypertension, and helps in the management of diseases like diabetes, depression, stress etc. Being a yoga teacher gives one the benefit of taking his/her career wherever he/she travels. However, having said that, being a Yoga teacher is not easy. One needs to be patient and dedicated, have perseverance, and needs a lot of practice.

There is a rise in need of Yoga teachers/instructors, and opting for Yoga as a career can be a great option as it is less stressful and can promise a decent salary. A Yoga instructor has the option of working in gyms, health clubs, and schools or can choose to run their own yoga centre. Furthermore, apart from teaching, there is also the scope of yoga in fields like management, academics, consultation, research, and hospitals to name a few.

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