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By Manoj Sharma

We provide a broad understanding of the Vedas and the Upanishads and the beliefs and practices they advocate. The Vedas and the Upanishads are truly vast and there are few if any who can claim to have full knowledge of them. Hence, what we do here is present a broad outline of the principal themes and then perform a more detailed study of selected passages.

Vedic Philosophy provides answers to all unanswered questions i.e why there is pain and pleasure, rich and poor, healthy and sick; God - His qualities, nature and works. Soul – Its nature and qualities, souls of humans and animals; reincarnation – how does it happens, why one is born as he or she is. What is the purpose of life? What we ought to do?

If you are a thinker, curious, confused about the universe as a whole, if you have a strong desire to your questions answered, then you must continue reading this philosophy. It will open your eyes, you will be able to differentiate from true to untrue, right from wrong, just from unjust, and you will be able to put together the puzzle of the whole universe.

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