Welcome to Vedic Astrology course


Thank you for showing your interest in vedic astrology course, Before Beginning,we are here to inform you ,that astrology course will be given by:- Dr. Manoj sharma”.


Astrology introduction

Astrology is a major part of the Vedas, also called the Eye of the Universe. With the help of the eye of astrology, we can know the good and bad effects in life by the subtle energies of our difference and the magnetic powers of the universe. Astrology shows the bondage of our actions and the way of liberation from it. In Sanskrit Astrology is known as jyotisha which means “jyoti + esha “ means the light of God! Which eradicates the darkness of our lives and fills the light...

“Yat pinde tat brahmande “
According to this mantra, whatever is the present inside body, each and everything is also present in the universe which means all tattvas (elements) are connected with the universe. Our life is also affected by every event that happens in the universe. The energy of every Star and planet and constellation affects our lives. Therefore astrology can be called the x-ray of our life. Astrology is the mirror in which you know the reason for every problem of our life and its prevention.

Knowledge of astrology is not only necessary for astrologers. But happiness in life is necessary for all human beings who desire bliss and light! Its importance is not only from astrologers studying their horoscopes but on studying astrology itself.

Astrology, Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra, etc. complement each other! Astrology can know the cause of life's problem! These all are the solution to the problem of our life. Everyone had a general knowledge of astrology in ancient times. So that awareness in daily routine and deeds is maintained So that we keep awareness in daily routine and deeds. Who shows us the path of Dharma and salvation (Moksha).


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